Feb 07 2013

Sat: #RUBULAD at a HUGE new spot!

     + so much more. 

This is ALWAYS my favorite warehouse/loft party in Brooklyn. A staple of the Brooklyn undergroung, tight packed dancefloors and with wide open minds. The sets I play at Rubulad don’t really come out at many other parties, the crowds energy really feeds the weird at these ones… :) SO curious about Batala NYC “NYC’s all women Afrobrazillian Samba Reggae Drum Band”!

In the words of Rubulad:

"Love Unlimited

In a massive and jaw-droppingly beautiful new spot

live music by: Morricone Youth, Friend Roulette, Batala NYC, Swirling Lotus Blossom Bandits

your DJs: Ursula 1000, Dirtyfinger, The Vintage DJ

in the Cabaret Room: Jessica Delfino, X and Y, Cupid’s Arrow - Harpist Mia and dj stereOtype, Zero Boy


Scrumptious food from Roberta’s Pizza

Lady Circus

Knotworld Presents the Flying Lovers Aerial Bouquet

The Homespun Merry-Go-Round

Sara Valentine as the Queen of Hearts

Visuals by The Sperm Whale

Light Circus Extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur

G Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest

Rides in Harvey the Magic R.V. and Sweetie’s Cargo Service

Note: we will be running a free art car shuttle from the Jefferson L stop (Wyckoff exit) departing every 10 minutes.”

Check some sounds:

52-19 Flushing Ave (Get Facebooked)

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